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What is Razorback CareerLink (CareerLink)?
CareerLink is an online system that allows students and alumni to search current part-time, full-time, co-op and internship job listings; sign up for on-campus interviews; and read about trends in business and industry and interesting career development information.

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  • First Time User Guide

    How do I start using CareerLink?
    Login to CareerLink using your uark username and password. If you are a first-time user, or a former student who hasn't logged in during the last 3 months, please review the first time user guide

    How often should I check CareerLink?
    You should check every few days. CareerLink is updated every day, so new job opportunities are always added to the system.

    Are there other online job sites I should use besides CareerLink?
    Yes, there are national job sites and local Arkansas job sites that can be useful during the job search process. Check out our Job Sites page for a list of recommended sites. Just remember, employers listed in CareerLink are seeking University of Arkansas students or graduates, check CareerLink first!

    On-campus Interviews

    Employers actively seek college students throughout the year, so it is always important to login to Razorback CareerLink every few days to see new job postings. However, although employers post jobs/internships with the Walton College Career Center year-round, the bulk of on-campus interviews, when employers are here on-campus to interview selected students, tends to concentrate between the months of late-January-April and September-November. Expectations:

    • If you are selected for an on-campus interview, you are expected to arrive early (10 minutes) for your interview (if possible) or right on-time.
    • You prepare for your interview by utilizing the resources available to you found within our Interview Skills information section of this site.
    • You present your best self in image, demeanor and attitude.
    • You must cancel or change your interview time within 48 business hours of your interview time by contacting the Walton College Career Center directly.
    • If you cancel your interview or do not show up for an interview within 48 hours of your interview time, your Walton College Career Center privileges, including Razorback CareerLink access, will be revoked until such time as the matter is resolved.

    Razorback CareerLink Tips

    Types of Job Postings: Once you are logged into Razorback CareerLink, you can hover over the Jobs/Internship tab at the top of the screen and see two options - "Posted by My Career Center" and "Extended Online Job Search Resources":

    • Posted by My Career Center - These are positions that an employer has specifically stated that they are seeking University of Arkansas students to fill.
    • Extended Online Job Search Resources - These are positions posted by employers within the NACElink Network (over 200 schools are a part of this network).

    Resume Books: Resume Books offer students another opportunity to circulate resumes to potential employers. By including your resume in a Resume Book in Razorback CareerLink, you are allowing interested employers to view your resume and contact you directly about job openings, information sessions, and/or interviews. Please remember that Resume Books are not the main source of candidates for employers using CareerLink. You should still search and apply for positions directly! Follow the steps below if you would like to include your resume in a Resume Book (you can submit your resume in up to four Resume Books):

    1. Login to CareerLink
    2. Click on the “Documents” tab
    3. Select the “Opt-In Resume Book” sub-tab
    4. Click “Select Resume Books” for the resume you wish to add to a Resume Book
    5. Select a Resume Book from the “Target Opt-In Resume Book” drop down menu
    6. Click “Submit”

    Transcripts: In addition to a resume, some organizations require a copy of an applicant’s transcript. U of A students can request electronic versions of their official transcripts online. Click here for more details on obtaining a copy of your transcript. Once you have an electronic version of your transcript, you can upload it to Razorback CareerLink as a document and submit it with applications along with your resume.

    Non-Discrimination Policies

    Please understand what harassment is as defined by the University of Arkansas Office of Affirmative Action. Visit or download HARASSMENT_POLICY.pdf.  

     If you have any questions about CareerLink, call the Career Development Center at 479.575.6100 or email us at . We'll be glad to help you.

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