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Welcome to the Department of Economics!

The Greek writer Xenophon coined the term “economics” in the 4th century BCE in a book on the “management of a household.”  In the millennia since, the scope of economics has expanded tremendously.  Both a social science and a business field, it can be argued that economics has evolved from a “discipline” to an “approach” used to study behavior with regards to the use of scarce resources.

Our Department continues to evolve along with our field.  Faculty and students are involved in research that expands the frontiers of economics.  Our courses reflect the cutting edge of economics as well:  Experimental Economics; Behavioral Economics; Emerging Markets; Economic Development, Poverty, and the Role of the World Bank and the IMF; The Economics of Advertising; The Economics of the Supply Chain; etc.

We invite you to learn more about us, the Department of Economics, by visiting the pages of our website.  Feel free to contact us to learn even more!


Behavioral Business Research Laboratories
The BBRL is a world class behavioral business research facility in the Walton College of Business. There are three interconnected labs at the BBRL:  a large computer lab, a series of breakout rooms, and a large staging area.  These labs are operated from a single state of the art observation room.

Departmental Scholarships

  • Colonel John P. Lake Scholarship Fund in Economics - Open to undergraduate and graduate majors in Economics.
  • James A. Williams Memorial Scholarship Fund in Economics - Scholarships for undergraduate or graduate economics majors, or persons pursuing research projects in economics.



Center for Business and Economic Research
A public service/outreach organization whose mission is to serve its constituents with unparalleled research support; basic and applied business and economic analysis; timely, relevant business, economic and related public policy information; and other outreach activities.

Bessie B. Moore Center for Economic Education
The purpose of the Center is to establish an ongoing program in economic education. Examples of specific functions of the center include: Improving on-campus and off-campus instructional programs in economics by developing, providing consultants for schools, research in economic education, etc.

Department of Economics
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